International AIDS Society

IAS 2013 is socially responsible

In an effort to ensure that IAS 2013 is socially responsible, the Conference Secretariat has taken measures to:

REDUCE the environmental impact of the conference while supporting the local economy by:
  • Using local suppliers who have good social responsibility policies, whenever possible
  • Giving conference attendees the opportunity to offset the carbon emissions of their flights through the registration process
  • Reducing the number of publications printed, and printing on Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper whenever possible

REUSE conference surplus by:
  • Implementing a donation programme
    You can contribute to this initiative by leaving any items you do not wish to take home (delegate bags, stationary, printed materials, etc.) in one of the donation boxes in the venue.

RECYCLE conference waste by:
  • Giving conference attendees the opportunity to recycle their waste through sorting bins placed throughout the venue.


a) Our greening efforts by:
  • Communicating these efforts to our staff, suppliers, delegates and exhibitors.

b) HIV and AIDS issues for non-delegates by:
  • Expanding our online coverage of conference issues
  • Building the infrastructure to globally support the virtual participation of individuals and organizations unable to attend the conference
  • Giving our volunteers access to the sessions and content of the conference.


Carbon Offset Programme

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