International AIDS Society

Media Accreditation and Registration

Media representatives are strongly encouraged to register by 17 June 2013, 24:00 CET. This will allow sufficient time for the secretariat to review your accreditation documentation (after 17 June journalists may be required to wait in line to be accredited onsite). Participants of previous International AIDS Conferences or IAS Conferences can use previous profile log-in information to access their profile.

To register as a media representative, you must request accreditation by submitting three sets of documents. All submitted credentials will be thoroughly checked and verified by the IAS 2013 Conference Secretariat and additional credentials may be requested. Media accreditation is granted at the discretion of the IAS 2013 communications department.

Media accreditation grants you access to the conference. However, you and/or your organization are responsible for all costs related to travel and accommodation.

The conference organizers strongly recommend that media representatives bringing professional video equipment into Malaysia obtain an ATA carnet (a Merchandise Passport) to ease customs processes at the border. Information regarding the carnet is available at: www.iccwbo.org/chamber-services/trade-facilitation/ata-carnets/about-ata-carnets/. Failure to follow Malaysia customs procedures may result in equipment being delayed at the border.