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Sponsorship Opportunities

Selected sponsorship opportunities for the 7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention will provide conference supporters with a number of ways to enhance their visibility and association with the event. Promotional items will be selected to allow each sponsor unique ways of associating brands or messages with different aspects of the conference.

The IAS 2013 Commercial Invitation is available here. Please contact for more information.


Available Sponsorship Items (details listed below):

Exclusive Items

  • NEW! Conference CD-ROM
  • Internet Café with Internet Access
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Directional Signage
  • Daily Conference News Bulletin

Advertisements and Promotional Items

  • Flyer in Delegate Bag
  • Gifts (i.e. Pads, Pens, Bookmarks) in Delegate Bag
  • Ad in the Pocket Programme (printed publication)
  • Ad in the Programme-at-a-Glance and General Information Guide (online publications)
  • Flyers at Plenary Sessions
  • Onsite Advertisement Opportunities

Other Opportunities

  • Support for the IAS 2013 Scholarship Programme
  • Support for the IAS 2013 Green Project
  • Special Requests: if you have any other particular request about how you would like to present your organization at the conference, please contact as soon as possible.

NEW!  Conference CD-ROM
USD 60,000 plus CD-ROM production and delivery costs
Included: all logistical services

An essential and new feature of the conference is the Conference CD-ROM, which contains all the abstracts of IAS 2013, as well as electronic versions of the Conference Programme and the General Information guide. The CD-ROM will be distributed to all delegates from a free information counter in the registration area on Saturday 29 June, and from the sponsor’s exhibition booth from Sunday 30 June. The sponsor’s logo will appear on the cover of the CD-ROM and within the CD-ROM programme. The sponsor will receive access to the CD-ROM prior to the conference.

Internet Café with Internet Access
USD 30,000
Included: hiring costs of computers, IT support, networking hardware, infrastructure

One internet café will be available in the conference centre. Located either in the exhibition area or in another area with high delegate traffic, the café will feature computers with internet access, as well as plug-ins for laptop connections. The internet café is much appreciated and highly visible, as most delegates without access to private offices invariably use it to access conference information or to check emails. The sponsor of the internet café will receive high-profile exposure through:
  • Screensavers, which could feature the company logo, satellites information or exhibitions, on each computer
  • Start page of the company’s website
  • Sponsor recognition through signage at the internet café
  • Opportunities to distribute promotional material
  • If ordered in time, the internet café can be built as part of the sponsor booth.

Wireless Internet Access
USD 30,000
Included: infrastructure, setup and maintenance

Internet access at the conference will be offered free of charge by the organizers. The sponsor’s website will be the start page of anyone connecting to the wireless during the conference, thus offering great exposure. Additional recognition in the paragraph on Wireless Internet Access in the General Information guide.

Directional Signage
USD 10,000

The sponsor will have its logo on all directional standing signs (floor supported), along with the conference logo. Possibility for the sponsor to include a QR code.

Daily Conference News Bulletin
USD 5,000 for four editions
Included: layout, design, printing and posting of the bulletin

The daily conference news bulletin will be posted on the homepage and media centre pages of the website each day and distributed to delegates each morning in the convention centre. This bulletin features an overview of each day’s plenary session, brief summaries of other special sessions and information about other major activities taking place at the conference and in Kuala Lumpur.

The sponsor receives a banner along the bottom of the front page of the bulletin, featuring the sponsor’s logo and the words “Official Sponsor of the IAS 2013 news bulletin”.

Flyer in Delegate Bag
USD 16,000
Included: distribution and logistics onsite

The flyer must be relevant to the conference and approved by the conference organizers. The flyer can feature the company’s logo, satellites or exhibitions.

Gifts (i.e. Pads, Pens, Bookmarks) in Delegate Bag
USD 5,000
Sponsors are welcome to come forward with suggestions of their own for alternate items

Included: distribution and logistics onsite

Pads, pens and bookmarks are essential for all delegates, as well as popular collectible at the conference. These items give sponsors a way of providing delegates with a much-needed item, as well as a visible advertising method that the delegates will take away with them.

Ad in the Pocket Programme
Back cover: USD 20,000
Inside back cover: USD 15,000
Inside page: USD 10,000

Included: four-colour artwork to be supplied by the sponsor according to design specifications

The pocket programme is an indispensable “quick and easy” reference guide for all conference delegates. Provided to each delegate at registration, the pocket programme contains colour-coded information regarding times and session halls for the numerous topics, together with a map of the conference centre. It also includes information about services offered at the conference.

Ad in the Programme-at-a-Glance AND General Information Guide (online publications)
USD 10,000
Web-version artwork to be supplied by the sponsor according to design specifications

In an effort to make the conference greener, organizers have decided to not print the Programme book. As a consequence, delegates will be directed to the Programme-at-a-Glance, which has been a very popular online tool since its implementation. Extremely comprehensive, containing all information regarding the programme of the conference, the Programme-at-a-Glance is used by delegates before and during the conference, and stays live for five years after the event. To increase its practicality, PDF versions (where ads will be compiled in alphabetical order) of the Programme of each day will be available for download.

The General Information guide provides information on the host city and country, the venue and the conference in general. It is available on the conference website for download.

Flyers at Plenary Sessions
USD 5,000 per day, plus production and delivery costs
Included: distribution onsite by volunteers

Flyers will be distributed at the entrance to the plenary hall at the start of each day. These flyers could be used, for example, to advertise satellite symposium or exhibition booth.

Onside Advertisement Opportunities (banners, pillar wraps)
Price TBD, depending on size and location

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre offers various opportunities for onsite advertising in the form of panels, banners, pillar wraps and many other branding options. Please contact at the International AIDS Society for further details.

Support for the IAS 2013 Scholarship Programme

If it were not for the support of sponsors and donors, attending the 7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention would be limited to those who have the economic means to do so. One of the main initiatives of the conference is to make the conference as accessible and beneficial as possible to delegates from all regions of the globe, especially those in resource-limited communities and settings. The Scholarship Programmes of IAS 2013 empower those least able, but most in need, to attend.

Applicants can ask for a combination of four types of support:
  1. Registration fee waiver
  2. Travel (pre-paid, economy class ticket)
  3. Accommodation (shared accommodation in a budget hotel)
  4. Small living allowance while at the conference.
Sponsors may select how many recipients they would like to support; recognition of the sponsors would depend on the amount of support. A full scholarship for a resident of a low- or middle-income country costs USD 3,000 and a full scholarship for a resident of a high-income country costs USD 3,300.

Support for the IAS 2013 Green Project

Sponsors are welcome to take part in the greening of the 7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention. Sponsors’ donations will be used to improve the conference’s social responsibility campaign. Donations will be used on projects such as leftover food redistribution, a food programme, and waste removal and recycling. A green report detailing expenditure in this area will be sent to sponsors after the conference for reference. Sponsors may select the amount of their support, and recognition will be made accordingly.

Please see our Terms and Conditions page 15 of the IAS 2013 Commercial Invitation.



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