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Affiliated Independent Events take place outside the conference venue at times that do not conflict with the conference programme. All Affiliated Independent Events must be approved by the 7th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2013).

Criteria for selection as an official Affiliated Independent Event include:
  • Affiliated Independent Events should reflect and/or support the vision and goals of the conference.
  • Affiliated Independent Events should address HIV/AIDS, Co-infections or issues faced by individuals or organizations affected by or responding to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
  • The Affiliated Independent Event programme should reflect conference policies and goals of diversity and inclusion.
Although there is no processing or sponsorship fee associated with Affiliated Independent Events, we encourage individuals requesting event affiliation to be registered attendees for IAS 2013.

As a service to Affiliated Independent Events organizers, all approved events will be published on the conference website.

The conference organizers reserve the right to approve or reject any Affiliated Independent Event application, and may decline a request, wholly or partially that, in its opinion, is not in keeping with the character or purpose of the IAS Conference. IAS 2013 is not responsible for the final content or the organization of any such event, which are the responsibilities of the event organizers.

Organizations wishing to host an Affiliated Independent Event in cooperation with IAS 2013 may submit an application online. The Affiliated Independent Events application form is accessible through your conference profile.

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1 February 2013
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