International AIDS Society

Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Conference delegates at IAS 2013 will have access to a drop-in First Aid Centre, at the conference venue, from Saturday, 29 June until Wednesday, 3 July. The space will be staffed by safety officers who are dedicated to dealing with minor injuries. Delegates who need medical care will be referred to the nearest clinics and hospitals.

All conference delegates are asked to make arrangements prior to their arrival in Kuala Lumpur, by having their health and travel insurance documentation with them. Delegates who are currently undergoing medical treatment should carry their own medication for the duration of their stay in Kuala Lumpur and are encouraged to travel with their original prescription in English.

Delegates who are on Opioid Substitution Therapy (OST) are asked to carry their original prescription in English or translated into Malay. Delegates are also advised to have their doctor’s contact details.

All medication, including antiretroviral, should be carried in its original packaging and it is recommended that you carry your doctor’s prescription.

More information about OST and harm reduction interventions during the conference, as well as detailed information about medical services in Kuala Lumpur will be published here and during the conference it will be available at the First Aid Centre, the Positive Lounge, at the Scholarship Helpdesk and at the Information Desk.

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