International AIDS Society

IAS 2013 Engagement Tours

The engagement tours will provide delegates with unique learning experiences through interactive site visits to local organizations that work on HIV/AIDS issues in Kuala Lumpur. The goal is to exchange knowledge, best practices, successes, challenges, and innovative solutions through dialogue and hands-on activities.

Tours are available to conference delegates at no cost and transportation is provided. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis and tours are limited to one tour per delegate.

To register, please send an email to giving your full name, email address and the tour organization to be visited. The meeting point for the tours is outside the main entrance of the KLCC. Delegates who register to participate should assemble at the pick-up point 10 minutes prior to departure (i.e. immediately following the plenary session).

  A Tuesday 2 July 2013 10.45 – 13.00 WAKE 3 Shelter
  B Tuesday 2 July 2013 10.45 – 13.00   NSEP
  C Wednesday 3 July 2013 10.45 – 13.00
Cure and Care
  D Wednesday 3 July 2013 10.45 – 13.30
PT Foundation

The timings provided include travel time to and from each venue (30-60 minutes each way) and a 60 minute guided visit of the organization. For PT Foundation 3 sites will be visited and therefore the tour will take longer.

Please note that the duration of each tour may change depending on traffic conditions.

Registration and questions should be directed to .

Participating Organizations

WAKE 3 Shelter - The Women and Health Association of Kuala Lumpur

The WAKE 3 Shelter started on October 1, 2004 under the initiative of the Women and Health Association of Kuala Lumpur. It is the first and only shelter in Malaysia for the transgender community infected with HIV and other illness who have no family support and homeless. Most of the residents are those who are bereft of family care and support, with a residential setting conducive for emotional and physical well-being. Other activities provided by this home are basic nursing care, medical referrals, treatment literacy and adherence programmes and peer counselling. The funds to sustain the shelter home were received primarily from Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, with additional support from M.A.C Cosmetics.

More information is available at: www.wakekl.org.

NSEP (Needle & Syringe Exchange Programme) - Persatuan Insaf Murni Malaysia

The Needle & Syringe Exchange Programme (NSEP) remains on the front line of the harm reduction approach to reduce HIV vulnerability among injecting drug users. Introduced by Ministry of health in partnership with Malaysia AIDS Council in 2006.

The Association of Insaf Murni Malaysia established on July 12, 2006 and became as the Partner Organisation of Malaysian AIDS Council. They started Needle Syringe and Exchange Programme in year 2009 as outreach programme. Objectives the organizations are promoting research activities in the field of drug addiction, to provide treatment, medical and psychosocial rehabilitation and increase knowledge of the drug addiction, to provide psychosocial counselling and treatment. They are also one of sub-recipient for The Global Funds for Needle Syringe and Exchange Programme.

Cure and Care

The Cure & Care 1Malaysia Clinic was officially launched on 1st July 2010 at the Anti-Narcotics Rehabilitation Centre in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. This clinic provides open access services to drug abusers, drug users, their families, employers and individuals with drug problems. Components of the client’s placement services include inpatient residential programmes, outpatient support, medical detoxification, drug substitution therapy, referral and advocacy. The Cure & Care 1Malaysia Clinic provides a broad range of services by a specialized team of Medical Professionals, Addiction Specialist and trained Addiction Counselors.

PT Foundation - Ikhlas Injecting Drug User Programme

PT Foundation (previously known as Pink Triangle Sdn Bhd) is a community-based, voluntary non-profit making organization providing HIV/AIDS education, prevention, care and support programmes, sexuality awareness and empowerment programmes for vulnerable communities in Malaysia. PTF works with 5 vulnerable communities mainly drug users, sex workers, transsexuals, men who have sex with men (MSM), and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV). Ikhlas Injecting Drug User programme is one of the 5 programmes at PT Foundation and was founded in 1992 to address the pressing needs of the street based drug user community. Ikhlas caters for their physical needs, while being committed to providing information, materials, care and support services relating to HIV/AIDS & drug use. The drug users feel loved and cared for, and feel empowered to make something of their lives, including reducing their exposure to HIV infection. The drug user community, most of who are street based, seeks refuge at IKHLAS in the day time, whereby nutritional meals and basic first aids are provided.

More information is available at: www.ptfmalaysia.org/.