International AIDS Society

Track A - Basic Sciences

Viral Diversity of HIV-1, HIV-2 and SIV

A1 HIV and SIV diversity
A2 Variability of transmitted strains
A3 Viral dynamics and fitness
A4 Bioinformatic tools in molecular evolution

Viral Replication of HIV-1, HIV-2 and SIV

A5 Entry (attachment, receptors and co-receptors, penetration and tropism)
A6 Reverse transcription, integration, assembly and maturation
A7 Regulatory gene evolution and function
A8 Regulation of viral gene expression and replication
A9 Cellular factors necessary for HIV replication

Viral Reservoirs

A10 Cellular and tissue reservoirs
A11 Mechanisms of HIV persistence
A12 New tools to measure reservoirs
A13 Strategies to target and eradicate reservoirs

Mechanisms of HIV/SIV Transmission

A14 Mucosal transmission
A15 Mother-to-child transmission
A16 Selection of founder viruses
A17 Early virus-host interactions

Innate Host Responses

A18 Innate sensors of HIV
A19 Intrinsic cellular defences and restriction factors
A20 IFN-I (viral inhibition, immunomodulatory functions)
A21 NK cells and dendritic cells
A22 Monocytes and macrophages
A23 Other innate immune responses

Adaptive Immune Responses

A24 Antibody diversity and function
A25 B cells and alterations
A26 CD4 T cell subsets
A27 Cellular immunity
A28 Mucosal immunity

Pathogenesis (HIV-1, HIV-2 and SIV)

A29 Viral determinants of pathogenesis
A30 Acute and early HIV/SIV infection
A31 Host genetics of susceptibility and resistance
A32 Systems biology to approach HIV/AIDS
A33 Mechanisms of chronic inflammation and T cell activation
A34 Aging and HIV
A35 Mechanisms of T cell depletion and reconstitution
A36 Gut and microbial translocation
A37 Microbiomes including viromes
A38 Lymph nodes and other lymphoid tissues
A39 Central Nervous System
A40 Correlates and biomarkers of disease progression

Natural Protection Against HIV/AIDS

A41 Elite controllers
A42 Asymptomatic long term non-progressors, HIV-2,  animal models of spontaneous control
A43 Apathogenic infection in natural hosts
A44 Highly exposed seronegative individuals (HESN)
A45 Correlates of protection

Drug Development

A46 HIV drug development
A47 Mechanisms of anti-retroviral drug resistance
A48 Bioinformatic analysis in drug resistance
A49 Nucleic acid based HIV and SIV therapy development
A50 Design of approaches targeting inflammation/immune activation

Co-Infections with HIV

A51 HIV-hepatitis virus interactions
A52 Tuberculosis and other mycobacteria
A53 Interactions of HIV with other pathogens
A54 Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS)

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